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Tantra Yoga Retreat in Goa india

Are you ready to embark on an unforgettable journey of self-exploration, healing, and spiritual growth? Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing world of a Tantra Yoga Retreat in Goa india

where the serene beaches, lush landscapes, and rejuvenating ambiance provide the perfect setting for a transformative experience. 

This retreat will not only help you deepen your yoga practice, but it will also enable you to reconnect with your inner self and find harmony in your relationships.

At our Tantra Yoga Retreat in Goa india  you will be guided through a unique blend of traditional Tantra Yoga practices, meditation, and breathing techniques designed to awaken your senses, energize your body, and balance your emotions.

 Our experienced and certified instructors are committed to helping you explore your inner world and unlock your fullest potential, all while being surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of Goa.

What is the Weather like in Goa

Unbelieve Beautiful Sea

in Tantra Yoga Retreat in Goa india offers an unbelievable beach view for guests to enjoy. Wake up to the sound of waves crashing and watch the sunrise over the water from your balcony. Our beachfront location provides the perfect setting for relaxation and meditation in nature's beauty.

Comfortable Room

we offer comfortable rooms designed to promote relaxation and peace. Our rooms feature comfortable beds, calming colors, and ample storage space. We are committed to providing a welcoming environment for all our guests to unwind and recharge.

goa yoga

Just Steps from the Center

Our beachfront location allows guests to easily access the sand and water, providing a unique opportunity to connect with nature and find inner peace. Whether you want to take a swim, go for a walk, or simply sit and meditate by the ocean, our retreat center offers the perfect setting to do so. Relax, unwind, and let the sound of the waves soothe your soul.

specially designed

The rooms are specially designed keeping in mind personal space, for the relaxation one needs.
We recommend you to have a single occupancy in case you are with your partner or a friend.
The purpose is to make you experience the true joy of being with yourself, experiencing the inner freedom that comes with it.
Of course it's not compulsory but just a suggestion from us.


Accommodation is provided with single or double occupancy. Hygienic rooms, well facilitated with contemporary settings, clean washrooms, hot running water and wifi access.

 From our resort, you can just walk straight to the beach anytime.

SINGLE ACCOMODATION PRICE : $350 for 3 days all inclusive

SINGLE ACCOMODATION PRICE: $650 for 7 days all inclusive

SINGLE ACCOMODATION PRICE: $950 for 14 days all inclusive

What makes Tantra Yoga Retreat in Goa india so special!

During your stay at our Tantra Yoga Retreat in Goa india , you will have the opportunity to:

Deepen your understanding of Tantra Yoga and its principles, empowering you to integrate these ancient teachings into your daily life.

Experience the healing power of Tantra Yoga through asanas, pranayama, and meditation techniques that cleanse, revitalize, and balance your body, mind, and spirit.

Cultivate a deeper connection with your inner self, allowing you to become more present, mindful, and compassionate in your relationships and daily life.

Enhance your personal growth and self-discovery through workshops, group discussions, and one-on-one sessions with our skilled instructors.

Rejuvenate your body and mind with delicious, organic meals made from locally sourced ingredients, designed to nourish and energize you from the inside out.

Unwind in our luxurious accommodations, featuring comfortable rooms, tranquil gardens, and stunning views of Goa’s pristine beaches and lush landscapes.

Explore the vibrant culture of Goa, with opportunities to visit local markets, historical sites, and participate in traditional ceremonies and festivities.

Connect with like-minded individuals who share your passion for personal growth, spiritual development, and the transformative power of Tantra Yoga.

By choosing to attend our Tantra Yoga Retreat in Goa india  you are taking the first step towards a more balanced, joyful, and fulfilling life.

Whether you are new to Tantra Yoga or an experienced practitioner, our retreat offers a unique opportunity to deepen your practice, expand your understanding, and find inner peace and harmony.

Book your spot now and begin your journey to self-discovery, healing, and transformation at our Tantra Yoga Retreat in Goa india . This life-changing experience awaits you, providing a serene and supportive environment to help you unlock your full potential and embrace the blissful journey of self-realization.

During your free time, you can do whatever feels right, or not do anything at all.

 Discovering around beautiful Agonda beach road where you can enjoy shopping at local flea markets, exquisite local Goan food or sitting at really cool European style cafes, having a personal ayurvedic treatment, going for long beach walks, reading a book or taking a nap. We will also be taking you for a visit to huge rocks (super small hike) on Agonda beach to watch the sunset and a trip on the boat to catch the sight of Dolphins. Disconnect from the world as much as you can and be with yourself, minimizing the use of mobile phones, avoiding too much chattering and not getting involved in any sort of work, those are our suggestions, not mandatory of course but they will allow you to make the best out of your stay. Sometimes, we need to withdraw to come back in a new way.
If you feel not to join the activities at times, it is all up to you. Allowing that sense of Space and Freedom is on which Yoga Tantra Yoga Retreat in Goa india is based on.


All starts with what we put in our body! We serve detoxifying delicious meals (not oily, heavy or spicy) freshly prepared by our in-house Chef. We focus a lot on healthy locally sourced ingredients whenever possible, at the same time taking care to make each dish great in taste as well. Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be served everyday throughout the Retreat with an organic touch, keeping in mind the benefits and composition of different herbs and spices combined in making Sattvic food. You will also experience Indian cuisine with it’s aromatic spices (not hot spices). All our meals are prepared freshly daily, using mineral water so that you are safe & healthy through out your stay with us.

Our small beautiful and open wooden Restaurent ensures to serve you with fresh, local ingredients available with minimum wastage. Our well-trained Chefs ensure that everyone is provided with what they need. Herbal Tea and filtered water will be available for you all day long. Their beautiful smiles and simplicity will just make your heart melt.

Breakfast will include oatmeal/ muesli with nuts, fruit Salad with Banana Bread, herbal tea or coffee.

Lunch will include Indian cuisine –Thali with vegetables, Lentils (legumes) or curries, salad, rice and Indian breads (non spicy).

Dinner will mostly include soups (like pumpkin, tomato, spinach, carrot etc) with vegetables by the side, eggs, salad and breads or cutlets by the side.

Besides the above you can order some mouth watering delicacies from our kitchen which include our personal favourite home recipe of chocolate bars, smoothies and other beverages.

We cater and are open to any special dietary changes like gluten free, vegan etc. (Please inform us about the same before arrival via email)

Airport to Agonda

“When traveling from the airport to Agonda, there are several transportation options available to you. One option is to take a taxi or pre-arranged airport transfer. 

This can be a convenient and hassle-free option as you do not need to worry about navigating public transportation or finding a rental car. 

Pre-arranged airport transfers are typically booked in advance, and the driver will meet you at the airport and take you directly to your destination.

Another option is to use public transportation such as buses or trains. 

However, they may not be as convenient or comfortable as private transportation options. They may also require transfers or connections, which can be time-consuming and stressful if you are unfamiliar with the area.

 private transportation options such as a taxi  are generally considered more convenient and comfortable, particularly for those who are new to the area or traveling with luggage.”

facilitated by Carmen

Tantra Yoga Retreat in Goa india
I grew up in Germany. Since I was a child, it was most important for me, to be connected with my body and mind, with nature and animals and also with the universal principles.
As a young girl I had a dream and I had another idea about my life and the current reality I was leaving in. This dream was about India.
On this point of my life I had no idea about my path and how to full fill it. I just did step by step.
Intuitively and focused .
I started to practice  Yoga and Meditation, experienced different energetic and healing work and I changed my diet.
 After a long while I was ready to make a bigger change out of Germany . 
I visited India the first time and I felt a strong connection to the life in India. A couple of years later, this was my next big step, I admitted to a Tantra Yoga Ashram in Goa/ India.
 In total I stayed there and practiced the different aspects of Traditional Tantra Yoga 4 years.  I learned, practiced and came to understand, what it means to follow life in a very different way ,as I knew and learned in  my past.
Tantra Yoga is about life. Also how to overcome struggles in life in a supportive way for yourself  others and our environment. It’s also about ,who you are in your essence  and how to follow your path.
 I developed my skills and knowledge and became a yoga teacher, certified by Yoga Alliance /500 hours. Along that I got educated and came professional in different massage techniques ,according to the  Marmapoints ,also known as Meridians. 
I studied Ayurveda to get a idea about the indian plants and herbs and their healing power. 
Also i integrated shamanistic healing techniques, which i learned two years in Berlin /Germany with Sian Lang/ sianheilraum .
I improved my knowledge about a individual balanced diet, nutritions and Detox- treatments. 
Finally I felt ready to work as a Yoga instructor and Yoga therapist. I created my own concept of healing work 9 years ago, named Sun and Moon .
The principle of the male and female energy and how to support that and each other. Since that I am guiding groups, couples and single persons to their individual goals. My Tantra Yoga retreats are a great opportunity to get a idea about, what yoga means in a whole some way. It’s about a holistic, balanced lifestyle and mindset.I would love to share and practice with you, to make your life more happy, more healthy and more balanced. To share with you my 28 years experience in a beautiful and supporting environment and be connected with your inner self, the ocean and the Jungle. Never give up.
 Feel welcome to India and Sun and Moon Tantra Yoga Retreat in Goa
Om Namah Shiva


  1. What is Tantra Yoga?

Tantra Yoga is a practice that aims to help individuals connect with their inner selves and the divine. It combines traditional yoga practices with meditation, breathing techniques, and spiritual practices.

  1. What can I expect from a ?

At a Tantra Yoga Retreat in Goa
india, you can expect to learn and practice various techniques to help you connect with your inner self and the divine. This can include daily yoga classes, meditation sessions, breathing exercises, and spiritual teachings. You may also have the opportunity to participate in workshops and discussions on Tantra Yoga and related topics.

  1. Do I need to have any prior experience in yoga to attend a Tantra Yoga Retreat in Goa
    india ?

No prior experience in yoga is required to attend a Tantra Yoga retreat in Goa. The retreat is designed to accommodate beginners as well as experienced practitioners.

  1. What should I bring with me to the Tantra Yoga Retreat in Goa
    india ?

You should bring comfortable clothing for yoga practice, a yoga mat, a water bottle, and any personal items you may need. It’s also a good idea to bring sunscreen and insect repellent, as well as any medications you may need.

  1. Will there be vegetarian or vegan food options available at the retreat?

Tantra Yoga Retreat in Goa
india offer vegetarian or vegan food options. 

  1. Can I participate in other activities during the Tantra Yoga Retreat in Goa
    india ?

The retreat schedule may allow for free time, during which you can participate in other activities such as exploring the local area, going to the beach, or relaxing by the pool. However, it’s important to prioritize your commitment to the retreat and the practices involved.

  1. Is there a minimum or maximum age requirement to attend a Tantra Yoga Retreat in Goa

The minimum age requirement varies depending on the retreat organizers, but typically participants should be at least 18 years old. There is no maximum age limit as long as you are in good health and able to participate in the practices involved.